Way bigger than a taxi, but we flagged it down

Well, I can definitely say that we have done great things in the past 14 years. We have had some strange deliveries which required special conditions for doing the deliveries. As usual all expectations were met.

During one blizzard, we were out making a critical delivery when the Governor declared a State of Emergency. We were very close to the delivery location but the Governor ordered all non-essential vehicles off the road immediately. This may sound weird but to obey the law and still satisfy our customer’s need, we flagged down a private snow plow truck and hired him to carry us and our package to make the delivery.

ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS can be assured that we have the utmost security of items being delivered.

It can get strange, but it gets there none the less

Late one Sunday night, we received a call from one of our clients asking us to make a rush delivery from their Worcester manufacturing plant to their other plant in Manchester, N.H. Their whole production line would have to shut down unless they received this critical material within 2 hours.

We picked up on schedule but unfortunately half way to Manchester, we drove over some debris and received two flat tires. We had a spare, but not two. Being late Sunday night there was no place open to purchase another tire. To complicate matters further, our other delivery vehicles were too far away to make any difference. A definite dilemma – so what to do.

We did the only thing we could do. We called for a flatbed tow truck, loaded our delivery van onto the flatbed and had the van with its load delivered to the Manchester plant. The client was very surprised by the delivery method but the material arrived on time and their production continued without skipping a beat.

With creative thinking, where there is a will, there is a way.