Urgent Transport Courier specializes in 24 hour a day/ 365 days a year on-demand courier services. Rush packages are picked up as quickly as possible so that they are “on the road” for ASAP delivery anywhere in the Northeastern U.S. When we pick up your package we go directly to the delivery location with no stops in between.NEmap_text-250 In addition, we also provide scheduled or routed same day deliveries. The key ingredient to our operation is flexibility. Not only will we customize our service to meet your logistical needs but we also offer volume discounts. Our first concern is to provide consistent, reliable, cost-effective service. This starts from the very first moment of your call. At Urgent Transport Courier, you are guaranteed to always have immediate contact with a real person, not an automated answering system. You will never hear: “Your business is important to us, so please stay on the line.”

Primary courier service area, Worcester County and Central Mass., Northern CT and RI
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Because all of our drivers have continuous 2-way communication with the Dispatcher, we can tell you exactly where your package is and how soon it will be delivered. We can provide immediate confirmation of Proof of Delivery free of charge. We have backup drivers and vehicles available in case of emergencies or breakdowns. We take a pro-active stance.

In those rare cases when a problem develops you will be informed. Appropriate corrective action will be taken immediately and the situation will be concurrently referred to management level for review. When we say that we provide on-demand service that is exactly what we mean — “on time pickup and on-time delivery”. We believe in being on the ball, not chasing it.